The Group

The Experts Group on Inositol in Basic and Clinical Research and on PCOS
brings together several international personalities, researchers and
opinion leaders, skilled in the field of inositol physiology and therapy, with the aim
to discuss and share scientific contents relating to their own expertise in the field.


EGOI joins the Alliance for Health Promotion,
a non-governative organization affiliated with the World Health Organization (WHO)


The Experts Group on Inositol in Basic and Clinical Research,
and on PCOS (EGOI – PCOS) was conceived to address and clarify
some important issues concerning the physiological role and the hypothetical
use of Inositols in a number of biological and medical fields, including gynecology,
reproduction, cancer, neurology, metabolic and endocrinological disorders.


This section collects the most significant scientific contents of EGOI members
concerning the use of inositols alone or in association, both in basic research
and for clinical application.


The most significant activities/events about the use of inositols,
alone or in association, both in basic research and in clinical practice
are reported in this section.

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Recent updates

D-chiro-inositol in clinical practice: A perspective from The Experts Group on Inositol in Basic and Clinical Research (EGOI)

Authors: Simona Dinicola, Vittorio Unfer, Christophe O Soulage, Maria Isidora Margarita Yap-Garcia, Arturo Bevilacqua, Salvatore Benvenga, Daniele Barbaro, Artur Wdowiak, Maurizio Nordio, Didier Dewailly, Marialuisa Appetecchia, Cesare Aragona, Maria Salomè Bezerra Espinola, Mariano Bizzarri, Pietro Cavalli, Annamaria Colao, Rosario D'Anna, Mónica Hebe Vazquez-Levin, Imelda Hernàndez Marin, Zdravko Kamenov, Antonio Simone Laganà, Giovanni Monastra, Mario Montanino Oliva, Ali Cenk Özay, Basilio Pintaudi, Giuseppina Porcaro, Olga Pustotina, Lali Pkhaladze, Nikos Prapas, Scott Roseff, Saghar Salehpour, Annarita Stringaro, Marat Tugushev, Virginia Unfer, Ivana Vucenik, Fabio Facchinetti

When one size does not fit all: Reconsidering PCOS etiology, diagnosis, clinical subgroups, and subgroup-specific treatments

Authors: V. Unfer, E. Kandaraki, L. Pkhaladze, S. Roseff, M.H. Vazquez-Levin, A.S. Laganà, C. Shiao-Yng, M.I.M. Yap-Garcia, N.D.E. Greene, C.O. Soulage, A. Bevilacqua, S. Benvenga, D. Barbaro, B. Pintaudi, A. Wdowiak, C. Aragona, Z. Kamenov, M. Appetecchia, G. Porcaro, I. Hernandez Marin, F. Facchinetti, T. Chiu, O. Pustotina, O. Papalou, M. Nordio, T. Cantelmi, P. Cavalli, I. Vucenik, R. D'Anna, V.R. Unfer, S. Dinicola, S. Salehpour, A. Stringaro, M. Montaninno Oliva, M. Tugushev, N. Prapas, M. Bizzarri, M.S.B. Espinola, C. Di Lorenzo, A.C. Ozay, J. Nestler,

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